Welcome to Look N' Listen Online


Look n' Listen is based in Raleigh, North Carolina and specializes in the integration of your homes technology systems to simplify daily living and make life more convenient and enjoyable.


The experts at Look N' Listen have decades of experience in all facets of custom built Home Theater Systems, Complete Home Automation, Flat Panel Surround Sound Systems, Whole House Music Systems, Complete Lighting and Shading Solutions, Computer Networking, and Structured Wiring.


We don't just install these systems as disparate, independent systems but integrate them seamlessly so you can experience the maximum pleasure, convenience, and the functionality that even your grandmother can use.


Letís face it, if you canít use it, you wonít!


Our sales staff will never sell you a control system or home theatre components you don't need or can't use. Our goal is a life long friendship of trust and your long-term satisfaction. We will work relentlessly to deliver a top quality home entertainment system that exceeds your expectations and meets the rising demands of audio/video technology today and in the future.


If you are looking for the perfect easy to use home theater, home automation system or even just some help with your home network look no further, contact the experts at Look N' Listen today!